About Us

About Kristie

She was born and raised in Massachusetts and at 18, she made a pilgrimage to Utah in search of adventure, school, good friends, and (let's be honest) a husband. With this mission a success, she plans on staying in Utah for a while. Kristie loves rainy days, writing, crazy dancing with her husband in the kitchen, and reading out loud.

About Karl

He is a Utah and Oregon native (but mostly Utah). He served an LDS mission in Mexico City and has since been searching for his soul mate. Now that he has found her, he knows they will be together for eternity. Karl loves his job as a machinist/foreman, processed meats, snowboarding, making juice, making out, and driving up scary hills.

About the Kitties

Kitten (right) is about a year and a half old and is part Tortoise Shell Siamese. She likes to jump on Karl and Kristie's shoulders (what they fondly refer to as "Parrot Cat"), sleep on their sides while they are in bed, attack the mouse on the TV screen when they hook the computer up to the TV, and participate in wild fits of laying around.

Ponce (left) is about 6 months old and the newest addition to the Bringhurst family. His full name is Ponce de Leon, but just Ponce for short. Ponce has the annoying habit of waking Karl and Kristie up at 5AM. He also enjoys eating until his belly is entirely bloated, farting constantly, and avoiding baths from Kitten.