Married People Texts: Amazon and Appalachia

Monday, November 5, 2012

November 2, 2012

Me: Hey, you cool if I rent Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets from Amazon?
Karl: Yes!
Me: Awesome! You're the best!
Karl: I mean no! Amazon doesn't work unless your paper is done!
Karl: They called me and said so.
Karl: They said it will look like it works, but your eyes will fall out the next day.
Karl: Actually scratch that. They eyes falling out thing is what my parents said about manual stimulation, not what the Amazon people said. You're good.
Me: Thanks?

November 5, 2012

Me: Good news! The doctors said my irregular hemoglobin is harmless. It's just some weird genetic thing!
Karl: Or maybe you're a blue person.
Me: What?
Karl: You know. In Appalachia there are blue people. They have weirdly shaped hemoglobin that makes all of their blood look blue, making them look entirely blue.
Me: I doubt I have the blue gene.

5 minutes pass

Karl: I hope we get blue kids! That would rock! We would tell them they are super heroes!

Now I think I hope we have blue kids too! How cool would that be?!

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