Married People Texts: Bond

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Karl: So Adele sings the theme some for the new Bond movie. :)
Me: What?
Karl: Ya, Adele the singer that won the awards but smokes and is having a secret baby has a song out that is the theme for the new Bond movie.
Me: That is incredibly random, Love.
Karl: It just made me wonder if Daniel Craig is the baby daddy. They are both British, they are both stars, and they worked together on Bond.
Me: Oh man, I love you.
Karl: I love you too. :)

This guy...I tell ya.

(Photos: Pacific Coast News | Bauer Griffin | alterations by Zimbio)

Is it possible Daniel Craig is crying because it turns out the baby isn't actually his? Conspiracy!

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Anonymous said...

So random, but sounds like you're both loving married life! Congrats!

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