Things They Don't Tell You Before Marriage: Sleeping Habits

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Couple sleeping and hugging on the bed in bedroom
This is what an ideal world would look like.
Sleeping habits aren't something that are talked about when considering marriage. No one ever thinks, ya, I bet when we live together it's going to be a nightmare sleeping next to that guy. You know what, sometimes it is. It took me almost a year to be able to sleep in the same room as Karl because of his snoring. The blanket thing is another issue we've had trouble dealing with as well. When Karl and I started sleeping in the same bed together, it became quite clear we are both blanket hogs. We both like to wrap ourselves in a kind of cocoon with our blankets. This is impossible to do with one blanket. I am a side sleeper, and I make him sleep on his side too (because of the snoring), so we can bundle up on one side, but right in the middle there is always a giant gap that lets cold air in. I depicted this in a lovely picture that obviously displays the breadth of my talent.

The giant black "V" represents cold air flowing down our backs. Notice the unhappy looks on our faces. As a result of this unhappiness, we decided to just use two separate blankets. I love mine (fluffy, faux down, with an adorable duvet) and Karl loves his (a soft comforter on the thin side that actually matches mine perfectly). I once had someone tell me that separate blankets would be the downfall of our marriage. That person was a douche anyways, so I never took much stock in his opinion. Apparently, Apartment Therapy says it's okay. It's even trending in Europe right now (I'm so chic), so I'm good with that. I think that we should be able to go with what works. Karl and I are very solitary sleepers, not much cuddling going on there, and that's perfectly okay. I have a dream that blanket hogs and cuddlers alike will be able to sleep in whatever way is comfortable and not be judged by their blanket stealing habits. I have a dream.


Anonymous said...

Love the diagram.

Unknown said...

I love the way you phrase it at the end, gave me a good laugh! :-D

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